WWTP (Waste water treatment plants)

Our scope of work comprises design, supply, construction, manufacture, installation and commissioning of sewage treatment plant based on MBBR
Technology of 1 MLD Capacity in all respects with electrical panel room, and all contingent mechanical and electrical piping and instrumentation works and includes the following:
• Pump station at plants intake.
• Maintenance workshops, and plant safety.
• Civil construction works.
The sewage treatment plant with recycling is designed to treat one million litres per day of sewage generated. The plant is designed to operate 24 hrs continuously at a flow of 1 MLD. The process selected is MBBR technology with efficient media for biomass attachment. High efficient biomass will be developed with highly tolerant bacteria for treatment MBBR will also give consistent performance even if variation in feed parameters occurs. Efforts will be taken to control odour by addition of recommended bacterial culture. This bacterial culture will also reduce biological sludge production compared to routine process. Stand by pumps and blowers are considered for trouble free operation.
Blowers shall be operated alternatively to avoid blower maintenance. The UF Back Water also will be recycled to minimize water loss.
Our responsibility and scope of work will include all preparatory work, levelling and dressing of site, detailed design (hydraulic & structural), procurement, excavation work including de-watering and lowering of sub-soil water if required, disposal of all surplus earth at suitable site, civil works, testing and commissioning of STP and operation & maintenance during trial run, development of park / landscapes, walking track and an
exhibition centre at the proposed site.