PURE BIO OIL is the latest product used as a replacement for diesel fuels

Pure Bio Oil is an unique, pure renewable oil

Pure Bio Oil can be used as a new bio-fuel, for domestic heating, big diesel engines, diesel power generators, diesel burners, boat engines or any industrial diesel equipment, in cogeneration plants (combined heat and power CHP). It is lighter and cleaner than fuel and it has a caloric value close to diesel.

PBO : latest invention in BIOFUELS production, replacement for heavy fuels

•Waste products used as raw materials

•Unique conversion of high FFA products

•PBO calorific value of 41.500 kJ/kg

•NO competitive technology

•Can be used in CHP plants,domestic heating and diesel generators


•Cheapest product on diesel market

•Almost free price for raw materials

•Wide market for PBO trading

•Extremely short pay-back for initial investment

•Correlated price fluctuations

•Tradable GREEN CERTIFICATE for the final product

•NO environmental investments

•NO NOx, SOx

•Same calorific value as conventional diesel

•Replacement for fossil fuels

•Energetic independence for end user

•Green Certificates