GREENCOAL technology is the only technology in the world that can convert domestic solid waste into a renewable energy source.
The GREENCOAL Project is a reliable alternative to selective waste sorting, especially in the areas where this process is very slow or even not yet implemented, being a sustainable alternative to land fields and waste dumping, incineration, biogas production and degasification.
GREENCOAL technology is the only technology in the world that can produce caloric pellets that can be fired in conventional power plant. The GREENCOAL pellets are brittle and they can be easily crushed (with less energy than for the fossil coal).

•The pre-sorting of waste will be avoided.
•All the technology used in the process it is already developed and tested all over the world.
•All the recuperated products can be reused.
•GREENCOAL can be burn in to coal fired power plant with no modification of the actual burner
•NO environmental investments
•NO dioxine, VOC, NOx, furan
•NO toxic emissions
•More energy
•Easy to crush (less energy for milling)
•Green Certificates
•All domestic waste will be recycled
•By using the existing technology, the initial investment will be very small
•All the products resulted from the process can be sold
•The incineration and presorting (expensive processes) can be avoided
•Estimate € 2,274,000  per year for using 69.000 tons of GREENCOAL only from Green Certificates